2011 Master of Fine Art, HD, RMIT University
2001 Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, Monash University
1998 Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting), RMIT University

S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N S

2022 Ashen Rainbow, Compendium Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2022 The More Things Change, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2019 Leviathan, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2018 A Strange Architecture, Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide, Australia
2017 Weave, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2016 Themes of Dislocation and Habitation, St. Francis, Melbourne, Australia
2016 Selection, Mycelium, Melbourne, Australia
2015 Monochroamatic Anomalies,Lorimer Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Within the Grey, Shangyuan Museum of Modern Art, Beijing
2013 The Sum of its Parts, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Signs, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Exploring Transience: locating meaning within the urban crowd. First Site Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Schism Overwrite, As Soon As Gallery, Hamburg
2009 Graffscapes, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
2008 Urban Fractures 2, 5-502, Sydney
2007 Once Upon a Space, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2007 Raumatisiert, Wir sind Woanders, Europien art festival, Hamburg
2007 Urban Fractures, SKAMraum, Hamburg
2006 Surface Variations, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2004 Forms and shadows, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Selected works, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne

G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S

2023 Eureka Art Award, Fairbanks Eye Gallery, Ballarat, Australia
2023 Dark Art 2023, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2023 Antipodes, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2022 Interconnected, New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM), NSW, Australia
2022 Hypercontemporary Act II, Hasbrook Galleries, online
2022 Throwback, Six Years of Beinart Gallery Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2021 Dark Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2021 Lucid Dreaming, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, USA
2021 Lucid, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2021 Antipodes, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2020 Dark Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2020 Antipodes, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2019 Dark Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2019 Doug Moran National Prortrait Prize, Juniper Hall, Sydney, Australia
2019 Lester Prize, Art Gallery of WA, Perth Cultural Centre, Australia
2018 Australian Art, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2018 Ephemeral, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2018 Focal Point: New Realist Painting, Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide, Australia
2018 Dark Art Show, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2017 NotFair, Melbourne, Australia
2017 The 13th Hour, Last Rites Gallery, New York, USA
2017 And if our days wont last, Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA, USA
2017 Art Collector Starter Kit, Cory Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2016 Metro Summer Show 2016, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2016 Beinart Small Works 2016, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
2016 Transmogrify, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
2016 Black Swan Prize, Art Gallery of WA, Perth, Australia
2016 Metropolis, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
2016 Beinart Inaugural Exhibition, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Whyalla art prize exhibition, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide
2014 Strange Attractor, D11, Melbourne
2014 Shangyuan Resident Artists 2014, Shangyuan Modern art Museum, Beijing
2014 Ben Howe and HaHa, Second Story Studios, Melbourne
2013 Urban, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Your Old Self, Tinning Street Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Exploration 12, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Art Melbourne, Exhibition Building, Melbourne
2012 Matter and Space, Ne Na Contemporary Art Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2012 Possibilities, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2012 The Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne
2012 It’s Not You, It’s Me, Eckersley's Open Space Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Climate Change. Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2011 RMIT Master of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition. Gossard Project Space, Melbourne
2011 The Brunswick Show, Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne
2011 Space and the city, Eckersley's Open Space Gallery. Melbourne
2011 Surface: Texture, Materiality and Conceptual Plasticity, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne
2010 SoBright, Prague, Melbourne
2010 New, Used and Abused, Loft Gallery, Melbourne
2010 The Brunswick Show, Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne
2010 Irenes Street art festival, Irene, Melbourne
2010 Out of Nowhere, 696 INK, Melbourne
2010 Grand Opening Show, 696 INK, Melbourne
2010 Urban Art 10A, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne
2009 Gaengeviertel, Hamburg
2009 Melbourne stencil festival, Collingwood, Melbourne
2009 Art Melbourne, Exhibition Building, Melbourne
2009 Painting 09A, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2007 Stencil and Freeform Combinations, A.S.A, Hamburg
2007 Art Melbourne, Exhibition Building, Melbourne
2003 Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
1997 Contingency, RMIT Graduate Show, Span Galleries, Melbourne

A W A R D S   A N D   H O N O U R S

2023 Eureka Art Award 2023, Winner
2022 Bluetumb Art Prize 2022, finalist
2021 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2021, Honourable Mention
2021 Bluetumb Art Prize 2021, finalist
2021 Lester Prize, Finalist
2020 Bluetumb Art Prize 2020, Finalist
2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, Finalist
2020 Mission to Seafarers Maritime Art Prize, Finalist
2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Finalist
2019 Lester Prize, Finalist
2018 Bluethumb, Finalist
2017 Hill Smith Award, NotFair
2016 Black Swan, Finalist
2015 Whyalla Art Prize, Finalist
2014 Ian Potter Cultural Trust
2014 Doug Moran, Semi Finalist
2014 Cliftons Art Prize Finalist
2012 Metro Award, Finalist
2012 Doug Moran, Shortlisted
2012 RMIT Vice chancellors List Award for academic excellence
2011 Dark Horse MFA Award
2011 Metro Award, Finalist
2009 Window Frames, Winner
2009 Melbourne stencil festival, emerging artist Award
2008 I Art Sydney Road, 1st prize
2008 Small works 08, Brunswick Street Gallery, Highly commended


2009 Pigeon hole 4, The Pigeon Hole, Melbourne
2009 Pigeon hole 3, The Pigeon Hole, Melbourne
2009 Conduit, Brunswick street gallery, Melbourne
2009 Pigeon hole 2, The Pigeon Hole, Melbourne
2008 Pigeon hole 1, The Pigeon Hole, Melbourne

R E S I D E N C I E S, T E A C H I N G, R E L A T E D   A C T I V I T I E S

2023 Teacher, The Art Room, Melbourne, Australia
2019 - 2021 Teacher, Footscray Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia
2013 - present Teacher, Melbourne Studio of Art, Melbourne, Australia
2016 Double Dialogues: Why do things Break Symposium: ‘Instances of Anomaly’, University of Adelaide
2015 Residency, Ucross Foundation, Wyoming, USA
2014 Residency, Shangyuan Modern Art Museum, Beijing, China
2013-2014 Teacher, Melbourne Studio of Art, Elsternwick
2009 Organised Creative Warehouse Network, North eastern Suburbs
2008 Established ‘Pigeon Hole Studios’, Brunswick
2007 Residency, SKAM, Hamburg, Germany
2005 Research and Teaching: India, Egypt and Europe
2002 - 2009 Teacher, secondary school and adult education. Australia / UK / Germany

I N T E R V I E W S   A N D   P U B L I C A T I O N S

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